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How I started

I am a mother of three and a loving wife. Had many up and downs, one of the biggest down would be the diagnosis of MS and the loss of feeling in my hands plus the forgetfulness that comes with MS and the loss of a very good paying job (phlebotomist). I had to keep going and keep busy and keep my hands busy. It is one of the ways I could keep the depression away. So by making pretty things and seeing how everyone loves them gives me a great feeling.

A few years back I was reading a book, In the book one of the main characters was making necklaces out of sea glass that she would find on the shores of her island.  So the idea hit me that I have always been a very crafty person. I could do that, I have always been a person who could look at something and figure how to make it, Plus all the years I was a Girl Scout leader helped too.  So I started by stringing necklace, with my good eye for putting the right color combinations together I did do ok. Then at one show I over heard a few people remake how they could do the same thing. I decided I needed to step it up and do something that other could not do. So I looked into wire wrapping and then it hit me that would be the best way to use sea glass and I also went out and got some pretty stones too. Sales was doing ok again but not great. I needed to find something different something that you don’t see much of.  One day I was just playing with some left-over wire and started twisting the wire and it turn into a mini tree. I thought to myself that is cool but how to make it stand up. I found little glass mirrors which made cute little bases. I started making them for my next show. At the first show, they did not take off but a few shows later they did plus that same year I had order to make about 20 for a friend at church that she gave as Christmas gifts. Over the next months the trees started to get better. I replaced the mirrors with sliced stone and the small trees I made I added a light source. Now I was looking into a way to carry my trees without the wire getting mess up. I had them in clear boxes that worked for awhile. I saw on the internet how a few artists were using frames with their trees that was ok but that was there idea. Walking through a craft store I came across shadow boxes and came up with an idea after see someone tree with the leaves all beaded then we had to make them stand out that how the light idea come about. I still love making the wire wrapped jewelry and I am still teaching myself new skills like now I am learning wire weaving, I also love making rings and working in silver clay. Every day I come up with a new way of improving what I make.

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